What is Santa Claus doing | Santa's Notes

December 21

HoHoHo 3 more days till the big night

The Elves and Santa Claus are getting the sleigh ready for the big night and making sure it's ready for the long flight with the reindeer's. You still have time to Write to Santa Claus Don't forget you can Track Santa Claus 2012



November 24

HoHoHo 1 more Month until XMAS eve 2012

This is the month before Xmas and it's getting close to the big night where you can Track Santa Claus 2012 I am getting everyones letters and I see that there are so great toys and wishes. Remember to leave mikl and cookies out for Santa Claus


October 04

HoHoHo it's October already

October 01

Elves were so tired yesterday

Hello kids I can't believe that Christmas is almost here and the Elves and I are so busy. Today is Wednesday and the month has flown by. The weather has been a bit warmer than normal but still cold. Rudolph is doing great. He is so excited for Christmas Eve .